Upendo is the Swahili word for love

Upendo is the Swahili word for love. Happiness cannot be bought but it can be given out of love. The communities that we work in have severe challenges and most of them walk long distances to access clean water. 1 in 8 people in rural Kenya have access to clean drinking water. 5,400 children die every year because they lack clean water. Your love can change that!

  • Each year an estimated 2.2 million children die from diarrhea and 443 million school days are lost to water-related illnesses
  • The African continent faces the greatest challenge of any region of the world with roughly 1 of 3 (330 million) people not using a clean water source.
  • In-terms of direct economic reward, every dollar invested in water and sanitation yields a $9 return to the local economy.
  • In rural settings it is traditionally women and young girls who bear the responsibility of obtaining their family’s water supply. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 68% of the rural population spends more than 1 hour per trip of water collection. That means valuable time, sometimes upwards of 3 hours a day, is lost collecting insufficient, contaminated water. Ultimately, a woman’s opportunity in education or small business ventures are entirely inhibited with this strenuous work.




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